About radiator repair anchorage

Never use when the luggage Web straps have seen indications of dress in or destruction. HJM2162 B540D01JM If the Hyundai features a roof rack, you may load Some objects can be held in The web from the things on top of your vehicle. Crossrails and baggage compartment.

WARNING Never use the washer in freezing temperatures without to start with warming the windshield While using the defrosters; OAM049103N OXM049125 the washer Resolution could freeze on...

• To avoid damage your displays the change lever situation when the transaxle, tend not to speed up the ignition swap is while in the ON posture.

Never Permit ice and snow accumu- accordance with instructions about the con- late underneath tainer. Window washer anti-freeze is obtainable from a licensed HYUNDAI Below some disorders, snow and ice vendor and many auto parts retailers.

What to do in an unexpected emergency Critical - use of compact spare tire When using a compact spare tire, WARNING notice the next safety measures: Your car or truck is equipped which has a com- pact spare tire. This compact spare The compact spare tire is for •...

Protection capabilities of the auto OLM039011 OLM039012 HNF2041-1 Changing the peak up and down Removal Energetic headrest (if Outfitted) To raise the headrest, pull it up to the To eliminate the headrest, increase it in terms of The active headrest is built to transfer ideal situation (one).

Upkeep Waxing End problems repair Wax the vehicle when h2o will no Deep scratches or stone chips during the extended bead over the paint. painted surface should be repaired immediately. Exposed steel will quickly rust Often clean and dry the motor vehicle in advance of and will produce into A significant repair waxing.

Should your motor vehicle has actually been functioning persistently warmer or For those who have just lately started obtaining challenges with overheating, maybe you have a leak inside your radiator.[one] Take into account that overheating may cause significant harm to the motor as part of your auto. Quit driving immediately In the event your automobile starts to overheat.

• When the air circulation fee quickly located, contain the system inspected by an decreases, the method need to be approved HYUNDAI seller.

Routine maintenance Vacuum crankcase ventilation Air cleaner filter Coolant hoses A Genuine HYUNDAI air cleaner filter is The coolant ought to be changed in the advised when filter intervals laid out in the maintenance Inspect the floor of hoses for proof replaced. timetable.

A licensed HYUNDAI supplier has fac- ✽ ✽ See demonstrated on the following web pages. You may need tory-educated professionals and legitimate this data to ascertain your compli-...

WARNING - Doorway lock mal- Lock function Unlock If a power doorway lock at any time fails to function while you are within the vehi- cle, consider one or more of the subsequent methods to exit:...

This needs to CLICK HERE To Investigate be done ly hurt by a deploying air bag. by a licensed HYUNDAI seller. Generally Adhere to the precautions • Will not strike the pre-tensioner about seat belts, air baggage and occu- seat belt assemblies.

A delicate cleaning soap, Risk-free to be used on Following washing the auto, exam the It is critical to Keep to the label painted surfaces, may be employed.

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